Gooch Gobbler

by Raw Poon

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ANDERSONTHRASHER This band is just so wild, the grooves make my head shake around! Saw them live at my first show on Oct. 24th 2014 Favorite track: Twerkin to PV.
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released September 27, 2013


all rights reserved



Raw Poon Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Im Gonna Crumb
Fuck Adderall fuck your shit
jokes on you your moms got a dick
Track Name: Medium Raw
I never wear a bra i never wear a thong
i dont wear cloths at all i keep it medium raw
Track Name: Heshtrogen
Are you gay do you like woman
or did you take a hit of heshtrogen
nails are painted every color
i saw the way you hugged your brother
what the fuck are you doing with my mom
dont you know that the shit you do is wrong
why the fuck do you make out with my dog
i will never introduce you to my grandma
your just that dumb
Track Name: Twerkin to PV
Twerkin to the blast
twerkin with my ass
twerkin feels so great all day every day
twerkin in the shower
twerkin every hour twerkin Eddie Bower
booty shakin freely
people want to see me in a magazine
i'm never gonna quit
twerkin is the shit twerkin to the spits
Track Name: Hairy Ass
Pull your hair out of your ass shave all that shit or get it waxed
i cant let it go it is what i am its a long tail that catches my crap
never want to see it or touch it with that thick hair
there is nothing you can do so hide your ass
is it a rat or is it a cat whatever it is get it out of my head
give me a fuckin break your the one i fucking hate
dont make me shave my ass i dont want to shave my ass

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